Get Paypal verify , ebay, amazon-  Virtual Visa Card

https://www.prepaidcloud.tech (USD/Crypto)- Virtual Visa Card
is one of the ecurrency virtual debit card which connect with astropay card vendor service .

Useful Facts
 - Most of websites accept thier card
- Card creation is instant
- Loading and unloading card by Bank, Credit card, Epay, Payeer, Perfect money, Bitcoin , Litecoin , Etherum, BticoinCash,  Doge
 - No need to verify until $10000
 - No need any documents
- Many cards can create by differents email . World wide available.

It is not only spend but also receive money . So you can deposit and withdraw money from trading and gambling websites.
And you can use others like as paypal, facebook, amazon, ebay, alibaba, skype, online hotel booking, online air plane ticket and so on...

If you have any difficult, you can contact to their support.

Detail Video Guide Here:


  1. Thank you for sharing! I’d like additionally to recommend – epacash
    I believe thats the only way for now :)
    Good luck Crypto Lovers!

  2. I am using prepaidcloud card with Dogecoin.

  3. Prepaidcloud works with my paypal account. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Another provider to add to the list: Mistertango.
    Based in Lithuania, offer SEPA IN/OUT + Mastercard.
    OK reviews.
    Not sure about verification.

  5. I used litecoin at prepaidcloud. i got my card. Next time I will test entropay. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I used prepaidcloud card for some time. So-so satisfied.

  7. Already using prepaidcloud for over a month almost on daily basis, can say only good words. No problems with payments so far.

  8. They can be used ouside of Europe ?

  9. Prepaidcloud is accepted in many cryptocurrency, is fast and reliable. I would give 5 stars and recommend it.

  10. I already get prepaidcloud card. Thank you.

  11. I am using prepaidcloud debit card. I like the fact that can use DASH to send to prepaidcloud to recharge the card. (You can use others crypto currency also,)The fees are lower too and I did not any payment problems so far.

  12. I have had prepaidcloud card for a while and it works fine.

  13. Can I use these cards when I travel ? Are there any fee's associated with purchases

  14. i'm building a crypto exchange sheck it out the uglyest crypto exchane do you like it. still in prosses.

  15. I want visa card how to get?


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